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Online Student Application

Two easy steps to register
Please read before completing application:

  • You should have already applied and been admitted to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC). If you have not done so, but would like to receive more information about our services, please contact our office at 361-825-5816 or
  • During the application process, you will need to submit documentation of your disability. For specific information regarding acceptable documentation, please see ( You will be given the opportunity to upload your documentation after completing this form (please be advised that the file size cannot exceed 1MB). If you do not have your documentation available, you may still submit the application today and upload your documentation at a later date (a direct link to upload documentation will be provided to you in the confirmation email that your application has been received).
  • After your application and documentation have been received, please allow up to seven business days for our staff to review your file and contact you regarding next steps, which will include an Access Planning Meeting to determine appropriate academic accommodations, if documentation is sufficient.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process or our services in general, please contact us:

In person: Corpus Christi Hall 116
By phone: 361-825-5816
Via email:

Please note that all "Questions" must be answered on the form before submitting.
Personal Information
  1. Note: Select when you would like to start your services.
  2. Note: Select when you plan to graduate.
  3. Hint: Enter 9 alpha numeric characters.
  4. Hint: Enter date in the following format Month/Day/Year (i.e. 12/31/2010).
Contact Information
  1. Hint: Enter 10-digit number only.
  2. Hint: Enter 10-digit number only.
Local Address
  1. Hint: Enter zipcode as 97331 or 97331-0000.
Permanent Address

  1. Hint: Enter zipcode as 97331 or 97331-0000.
Additional Information
  1. Secondary Disability(ies)

    General Category

  2. Affiliation(s)
  3. Ethnicity(ies)
  4. Campus Location(s)
    What is your classification?
    Are you a transfer student? * (Selection is Required)
    Are you currently on academic probation? (Note: accommodations are not contingent on academic standing) * (Selection is Required)
    Are you currently affiliated with any of the following campus offices or programs?
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