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Request for Accommodations and Services

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Welcome to Accessibility Resources!

If you are a Colorado College student who is requesting support from Accessibility Resources, please complete and submit this online form.

Following submission of this form, you will have the option to upload documentation of disability (e.g., educational, psychological, medical, and/or other relevant records that substantiate the need for the accommodations and/or services you are requesting). If you do not currently have this information available or if this is not relevant to your situation, you may still complete this form.

(The maximum allowable file size is 20 MB per upload. If you have a file larger than 20 MB and cannot reduce the size, please email your documentation of disability to

In addition, if you are a new Colorado College student and have not been assigned an ID number or CC email address yet, you may still complete the form. You may use a personal email address and leave the ID field blank.

We value a collaborative process as we work with students. Therefore, please set up a time to talk with an Accessibility Resources staff member to discuss your request for support services. You can reach us by emailing

Please note: We ask that the student complete the Request for Accommodations and Services form. However, we recognize that on rare occasion, the student may not be available to complete this form because of travel, lack of internet access, etc. If it is necessary for a parent or other person to complete this form, the student will need to confirm the request for accommodation and services with the Accessibility Resources staff.

If you need assistance completing this form or submitting supporting documentation, please contact Accessibility Resources. We are here to help!

Please remember to check your email regularly, as this is the primary way that we will communicate with you regarding the status of your request. New students: We will use your CC email address once it has been provided to you.

We look forward to working with you!


Accessibility Resources Staff
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